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tv   [untitled]    April 28, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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scholarship for children that don't have access to a quality environment. we're phil children and giving them full quality scholarships. and this will serve about 2 hundred children. and the other thing we're trying to do is voucher children lose those because they lose their jobs. so we want to make sure that those children stay in preschool at least until their kindergarten age >> i saw the slide when i was
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in my office. >> it has to be reauthorized - when it is reauthorized. >> the last thing in terms of prop 10 we've also had a reserve. and the commission has approved one year of funding so we'll be using our reserve so we can maintain our long term investment. you see our decline we know that in fiscal 16, 17 or 15, 16 we have a planned one million dollars cut but we're trying to fill in our reserve so we can
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maintain a level of funding. so we have - here's our participants. we have lots of children we served about 3 hundred thousand kids in preschool and this includes our infants and toddlers. the entertains benefit from our family support - >> mr. chair can i ask a question? >> actually, i really appreciate the strategic approach to the use of the state money and also the pop funds. but i want to ask about the back appealing of the state cuts like how much of that is coming from the prop h funds? that is coming from the prop h
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funds >> so covering 4 thousand children coming from the prop h fund -- i'm wondering about what i anticipate in the future as we backfill? and i'm wondering. >> i know we've been working with the office working around and planning out our budget and the trends in the long run. we've been using our reserve and at some point that reserve is going to be over but we still have stated and a local cuts we have to be strategic. but it is you know the more that the city covers the state cuts and i think it causes quite a
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dilemma. and we want to make sure our lower income children have a preschool good experience. okay shall i go on. you can see we serve a lot of children in our family resource centers we've screened 5 thousand children a year here's dental and obesity. we again at the bottom two slides we preoccupied a lot of capacity building and we provided high quality care. i know that supervisor farrell asked about our monitoring and evaluation and we take this very
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seriously. here's our little plan. we have a strategic plan we renew it every 4 to 5 years. we detail our outcomes and beverage marks and evaluation indicators and we have some initiative performance measures. and then we also have for all our programs we have baseline quality. if you have brown below a quality score we have a streaming where we try to work with the centers to raise the quality and we also identify all the measurement standards. we ask all our applicants to
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include logic models we want to see how they're thinking about their own activities and performance measures. we develop targets. we have two major databases where all the outcome measures are entered. we have quarterly reports that are generated and reviewed. we do site visits and in june wool have outline outcome measure outcome you measure report and it looks kind of promising we're excited. i don't know if you can see this but this is our staffing it's
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our greatest asset. we have 16 f t e's and if you can see the colors we have 7 prop 10 funded positions and we have 6-f ta funded positions and 3 and that includes media our fiscal administrator and our administration assistant. anticipate finally this is what we're proud of. those are some of our children in our family resource centers. and just a little bit of bragging. in our city 80 percent of our children are enrealized and we have a high participation of our
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latin-american and african-american students. we're leading the the structural program. in - we have a model in our family resources centers and people are calling all over the country to ask us about that. and the families are significantly uncomfortable their parenting skills >> colleagues any questions? i want to thank the colleagues. >> i know that supervisor cowen
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is going to join. i want to say the most disciplined staff that are lazer focused and really using the money from the states wisely and a lot of it is because of the leadership and the staff. but thank you very much for the great work >> thank you very much mr. supervisor. any questions >> thank you.
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once again good afternoon. i'm sue. i'm going to give you a board overview that i gave to the mayor in february. in terms of budget priorities we want to continue to focus on the children and youth already to learn and are succeeding in school. supervisors if you remember we came in front of you for the first time in march and then in may to talk about going into the community to talk with children with needs. and we presented to you our allocation plan how we intended to meet those needs with the
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money we have. part of our strategy is to maintain the accountability and work we've start over the past 3 years with our cv o. we want to make sure our service is serving all the children >> in terms of our budget you're seeing our total budget general fund, state and federal grants and those state and federal grant are for our violence presentation work. >> so 1213 we're looking at the
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the $12 million. if you're looking at the program really overlooking for the 2014 i can see that the children's fund is growing and the next year too. you also see that the general fund is slowly decreaseably. we had some one time funds in the federal grant for our violence prevention. we're the school district funds has a slight shift here but on the bottom you'll see the
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dollars that the program will offer see 82.5 million with a slight increase in the next year. i am graphical person here's a graftal chart of what you just saw. so as he drill down from did children's fund in our budget you'll see once again this is the trend that year after year expect fiscal year 10 our children's dollars has slowly increased we're excited it's increasing particularly for us that allows us to expand services. the major expenditures within our budget are so are the school district pass through.
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the departmental work orders that are work orders for san francisco to the department of public health and a small work order it's all primarily to verify services. so because we're in partnership we're sending the monies to 70 agencies so they can streamline the fund. to the department of public health we send the money for the health centers. and we send the funds that we have in our prevention of violence. if you add the departmental work
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orders you're looking at approximately $70 million we send out. and i get questions of how do we monitor those grants. we have developed a 3 prong approach to supporting our grantees. and that's to do fiscal oversight in which our grantees receive a visit from us to assess their problematic quality and we do joint monitoring around physical health. we provided capacity building. so when our program manager so out in the field and they identify some weaknessesness we bring in a program crouch so increase the quality of their
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program. we have several workshops we send our agencies to attend some are administered by controllers officer. and 15 we do data and evaluation we want to make sure we're constantly learning from the field and we want to make sure we're asking all the right questions to get to the outcome. it's - to me it's a process we need to check. so in conclusion we very happy that the property tax revenue is continuing to grow and the children programs are growing along with it. we're still working with the controllers office to know what the children's projections are. the revenue will help the
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department to meet the revenue challenges. and we're existed we'll be able to expand services. we want to keep the intent of the children allocation fund hold. i want to note we issued on a rfp earlier this year and last week, we announced all our award. the rfp washgs was for two services areas what we call wide lead. if you drill down into both those service areas for other school times we made an intentional decision to allocate more fund into the programs.
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after talking to the key save holder parents want programs that are comprehensive so they can send their work but that their children will have access to 5 days a week programs. we also do our assessment and allocation process decided to increase thorough allocation for the workforce because wumgs through conversations and public comments from our community we roiltsdz that workforce is a key area of need for our young people. so those are the two significant additions or changes within our rfp other than that we have no other changes. the - we actually increased the
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rfp by 2 percent in funding. for the cycle >> thank you i want to depreciate back to something you mentioned that you checked in - regarding the comprehensive after school programs you talked to the parents what they wanted did you talk to folks who don't have - was there any kind of outreach done and what are the programs that don't have parents that are actively engaged? that's a good question. yes, we partnered with those - >> which orchestras were these? >> for the youth assessment we
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were out in all neighborhoods i can show you is a breakdown of who helped. i think in our breakdown i will publicly have to come back to you. we partnered with organizations to help us frame the conversation so we can reach families who are normally don't come to government meetings >> okay. so the decisions you made in district 5 don't necessarily reflect that. so i'm concerned about that. i know we'll have more delayed discussions as this hearing goes on. >> that concludes my presentation. >> we're done here?
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i have a few questions. thanks for your presentation. i know that over the years it's been a challenge to come here as the director to hold folks accountable. i have a certain about working with the kids in the community the frustrations of many organizations that don't work with the folk but receive money to work with the organizations. the orchestras that have the capacity to do a lot of oversight and accounting they have a infrastructure and i'll use this as an example. this has nothing to do with the efficiency of the department. young folks are is a
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infrastructure in place that makes it easier for them to have a team in place and actually provides the services necessary to make sure their managing the programs well. as a program like the herein community center is spending every dollar on the kids their serving. i baffles me that the program it that impacts the most challenging part of our community i can go on and on. i'm looking forward this is a budget as a whole. we're looking at approving next year's budget at the same time,
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you allocated for a 3 year budget grant program with those kinds of changes how significant their it's going to be a tough challenge to figure out how we deal with this in the coming months. i know the city is going to have some tough challenges people think that because theirs additional money coming theirs more to allocate. i wouldn't mind the cuts so much but clearly from the in addition information i have this clearly is not the case so i think that i guess part of my certain about the coming year and your budget
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how it significantly impacts my exact date. i understand that my dissects has had a doctor in the violence and birthrates. i'm triangle i trying to grapple with the fact that many of those programs that are extremely active in dealing with the most vulnerable population are now being forced to try and change how they do business. at the same time i'm seeing poeshgsz i know with not effective do not serve this population that i know i've have person challenges with and i look at their grant numbers. i'm blown away by the decision that have been made and i'm
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hoping when we move forward we can figure out the budget and resolve those issues. again, i understand this is a hearing and i said that a lot of the management and oversight is based on the children allocations services and all those technical terms that are confusing even to might have and i think that i appreciate the technical assistance the regular program, the regular kinds of things that the organizations have done. by clearly we're working with organizations that don't have the money to get better. and that's where the changes are that were what can we do is a city to make sure we're working smarter in helping those organizations.
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when we have a homicide or we have an issue or we have a issue that the police can't deal with the c r n is right at the stop sign, you know, dealing with people who have maybe incriminated the crime that were i want to say that hopefully, we, figure out a way to deal with this before it comes down before us to approve the budget for d y f >> i agree with you. we need to have high quality programs that help children reach their goals. i feel strongly that did
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portfolio we have now will help us to get to that outcome. and i am more than happy to sit down and work with you to try to figure out that balance. but at the same time, we want to make sure those programs are meeting the need of our community. our children can't wait any longer inform the capacity for those fields to increase so i want to work with you. but at the same time, i feel that we need to insure h that all programs that d c y f are funding are of highest quality >> thank you, thank you furious
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presentation. couple of of questions you went thereto process of after school hours and in the past week we've seen the relative and you know of a pleas also hearing from people who haven't gotten funding we'll hear a lot of from them over the coming weeks. i want to figure out where there are gaps in services where we'll be able to fill in the next most with our decisions. i want to figure out what the process is that's best to work to identify gaps and to figure out how we can precede if their be able to move money around to that fill the gaps in our neighborhoods
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>> i'll be happy to work with you. >> we'll hear from our department about the decisions you've made and we'll look at the decisions and compare in the community. i think we want to be responsive in the community i want to make sure how to best collaborate that. i do have concerns about the cuts in the district. i want to know how to move forward and your department will be structural. right now on our website we have a list of the programs that are funded but not the funding amounts. we will have funding amounts for
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current year and we'll try to foulth a way to make it affordable. i know that one of the supervisors has asked me important the breakdown. so you'll see the intention that went into the process - >> and i appreciate that the experience we've had in the past are the - we worked together in 2008 and 2009 i think that 2009 was the last grant cycle and i want to make sure we have that collaborative effort. i know we can't move money from a particular organizations but i


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